"Social" changes every part of the business model

Social era business models, says Nilofer Merchant in her article, “Stop talking about social and do it,” need to keep up with “fundamental and irrevocable” changes like these:


Via Harvard Business Review

The Social Supply Chain Webinar with Lora Cecere and Lisa Shambro (by Altimeter Group)

Is the supply chain ready to be social? And, if so, how do companies begin the journey? What steps do they take? Watch this lively discussion as Lora Cecere, Altimeter Group engages in dialogue on the topic with Lisa Shambro, Executive Director of the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS) which is focused on the development of best practice standards in the extended CPG supply chain between contract manufacturers, secondary packagers and brand owners.

Smarter Commerce Briefing: Paul Papas in the Virtual Center | IBM Global Business Services

Catch the replay of the March 14 launch of IBM’s new Smarter Commerce initiative, with this first-of-a-kind live webcast from the IBM Virtual Center.

Paul Papas, a partner in IBM’s Global Business Services consulting organization, is the global leader of this new program. You can also watch the Q&A session from the briefing.

Finally, subscribe to the IBM Global Services Webcast feed to learn about upcoming events and to sample past topics.

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