Why mobile app development should come in-house

While it’s fine to strike out on your own with an agency for your first mobile app, as customers grow to expect more, you’re going to need to connect that app back into the systems of record and systems of operation that your company has. To do that you’re going to need to figure out how to effectively work with your IT organization, because they own that data and those systems.

— Jeffrey Hammond, principal analyst at Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA.

CMOs, CIOs and augmented reality

Expanding on an  earlier blog describing CMO and CIO collaboration, IBM’s Yuchun Lee describes the potential of augmented reality at retail shelves 

As I often tell anyone who will listen, this new CMO and CIO alliance has the potential to spawn a tremendous variety of new innovations that deliver value to the consumer. One example I saw recently was the idea of an augmented reality solution that transports the personalized information that has become so common online (such as product reviews and special promotions) into the store using a smartphone.

Essentially using a smartphone camera, advanced image processing technologies capture product images on the store shelf. The images are passed for further processing to the retailer’s product catalog database, which calculates ranking of recognized products based on the shopper’s preferences, history, recommendations from friends and more. The solution then superimposes product information, recommendations, special offers and more onto the mobile device in real-time. This is just one of the many innovations that are possible that can not only drive revenues, but really solidify the loyalty of your shoppers.

Via The Atlantic