3 social forces that make social business compelling

  • Changing expectations / consumerization of IT –  People are bringing innovative consumer devices to work, with  dramatic impact on people’s expectations of the way they use technology and the way businesses use technology. New expectations are emerging from the “social” customer while employees are looking for a new level of engagement at work. Expectations from both sides require a new way of getting work done.
  • Doing more with less –The relationship of labor force growth to productivity started to change in the mid-2000′s — as labor force growth slowed productivity continued to rise through automation. Although we’re not there yet, over time this type of productivity gain is likely to slow as well. At that point, increased productivity will come from the shift to an engaged, empowered and collaborative work paradigm.
  • Systemetizing ad hoc work – Exception processing for business decisions and customer service is a whole area of work that cannot be automated by current systems of transaction. The person or a group of people getting the work done will often require specific data  and a  system to support the decision process for work at hand. 
Via Enterprise Irregulars