The 10 Best Crowdsourcing Tools and Technologies

According to Dr. Peter Diamandis Chairman and CEO of the X Prize they are:

1. X PRIZE Foundation ( The X PRIZE focuses on designing and running incentive competitions in the $1M – $30M arena focused on solving grand challenges.

2. CoFundos ( cheap and really good platform for the development of open-source software.

3. Genius Rocket ( solid crowdsourced creative design agency composed solely of vetted video production professionals producing content as a fraction of the cost of a traditional ad agency.

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk ( popular and powerful crowdsourcing platform for simple tasks that computers cannot perform(yet), such as podcasts transcribing or text editing. There are also companies, like CrowdFlower, that leverage Mechanical Turk (and similar tools) for even more elegant solutions.

5. Innocentive ( one of today’s best online platform for open innovation, crowdsourcing and innovation contests. This is where organizations access the world’s brightest problem solvers.

6. UTest ( the world’s largest marketplace for software testing services.

7. IdeaConnection ( open innovation challenge site for new inventions, innovations and products.

8. NineSigma ( open innovation service provider, connecting clients with a global innovation network of experts.

9. Ennovent ( worldwide expert platform seeking solutions for sustainable development in energy, food, water, health and education in rural India.

10. TopCoder ( the world’s largest competitive software development & creative design community, with over 200,000 at your fingertips.