The social supply chain world is more alive than you might think… Sure, we might not be tweeting our POs or collaborating via Chatter to share demand schedules and haggle over commodity price escalation amongst supply chain partners yet. But we’re further ahead than it might appear.

Open Innovation appears to be powerful and successful. 48% of respondents engaging in OI report that it has already yielded major changes to internal processes, and 34% report major changes to their external offerings. In both cases, the corresponding figures are higher for minor offerings.

I’d say the idea of controlling information flows is becoming an obsolete notion. To me, the basic point of the 2.0 era is that we can get out of the business of predefining and controlling those information flows. We get out of the business of defining who is entitled to generate information, who’s entitled to share it with whom, who is entitled to talk on different subjects.