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As Big Blue’s centennial approaches, CIO Jeanette Horan reviews company’s roots in collaboration and communication technologies.

When IBM CIO Jeanette Horan works to improve communication and collaboration within her company, she is continuing a tradition that stretches back nearly half of IBM’s 100-year history.

With its centennial approaching, IBM is celebrating the role it has played in the creation of networked business, starting with early mainframe systems for sending messages between offices. One of the most fascinating parts of that history is “how the early collaboration tools evolved and morphed into social business tools,” Horan said in an interview.

IBM has a birthday coming up on June 16, which will be 100 years since the company that became International Business Machines was founded, initially to manufacture mechanical tabulators, scales, and other business equipment. In an article that will be published Tuesday on the IBM centennial page, the company traces the beginning of its participation in networked business to the IBM Internal Tele-Processing System created in 1963. This early office automation system used the new IBM 7740 as its hub and leased communications lines to transmit data and administrative messages between offices around the world.

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