LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Social selling or just plain selling out?

Blogger Geoff Simon raises the question:

So is LinkedIn selling you out by offering up their database of user profiles to sales people? The new premium service, which wasn’t publicized with a news release and launched with any type of fanfare, is called Sales Navigator and is specifically designed to help salespeople with, what LinkedIn is calling, “social selling”.  . . Sales Navigator is a premium account that comes with a bundle of different features including, for example:

  • Lead Builder: Allows you to search LinkedIn’s database by seniority, function, industry, location, company and company size.
  • InMail: LinkedIn’s inMail lets you personally contact any LinkedIn member, even those outside your network.
  • Profile Organizer: Workspace to keep all your prospect profiles organized with folders, notes, contact info. and correspondence history

Is this a trust-buster for Linked In participants?

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